Living the magicCreating the magic

Welcome to The Cookie Company. We design and make clothing & accessories for large European retailers, featuring awesome brands and famous characters. Some people call that licencing. We call it merchandising the magic. And here is how we do it.

Living the magic

To merchandise the magic, you have to live it. Fully. And we do! Imagine a place of limitless possibilities, full of outrageous, impulsive and fun ideas and ditto people. Times two. Maybe three. That’s us.
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Creating the magic

We don’t just make clothing and accessories. We make pieces of magic for everyone to have. Avoiding anything that can break the magic. Because no dreams will be shattered on our watch!
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Selling the magic

Delivering the magic is serious business. We help our customers reach as many of their customers as possible. With great design, fun solutions and strict quality procedures. That’s what delivering the magic is all about.
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