About Dragons

The story takes place in a mythical Viking world where a young Viking teenager named Hiccup aspires to follow his tribe’s
tradition of becoming a dragon slayer. After finally capturing his first dragon, and with his chance at last gaining the tribe’s
acceptance, he finds that he no longer wants to kill it and instead befriends the dragon.

With his new Dragon friend called Toothless, Hiccup has the most amazing adventures. They save the island numerous times.

  • Hiccup


    Hiccup, now 20, is the tenacious, spirited son of the chieftan of Berk. He is no longer a runt, but still lanky by comparison. Hiccup is celebrated as the hometown hero for creating peace between Vikings and dragons.

  • Toothless


    Playful, inquisitive and intelligent, Toothless is more Hiccup's best friend than his pet. He is extremely protective of his Viking soul mate, and will stop at nothing to guard him from all harm.

  • Stoick


    Stoick, Hiccup's father, is the mythic and mighty Chieftain of Berk – a great, shaggy mountain of a man whose conquests have become the stuff of Viking legend.

  • Astrid Hofferson

    Astrid Hofferson

    Hiccups’ girlfriend has a strong sense of duty. Astrid will always do what must be done without regard for herself. So when trouble threatens the people and dragons she loves, she stops at nothing to defend them.

  • Stormfly


    Astrid's Deadly Nadder Stormfly is a sight to behold and she knows it, she isn't juts beautiful but also feisty.

  • Netflix serie

    Netflix serie

    The creators of 'How to Train Your Dragon' created a new series that takes Hiccup and Toothless to the edge of adventure.