About Hamsta

Meet da Hamstas, a group of funny furballs with big mouths and even bigger personalities. Hearing them chat each other up in their crazy language, Hamstanglish, you’ll notice these quirky characters are not the brainiest. But what they lack in smarts, they make up for in sass.

From Cosmo Polly to Blue Barry, each and every Hamsta is a fabulously fearless, fiery little critter whose favourite thing is having fun.

  • Hamstra App

    Hamstra App

    The cutest Hastra stickers are available at da app store!

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  • Mila Sunrise

    Mila Sunrise

    Me can be hangry 'n me like smoothies 'n me like all thing orange

  • Funky Hamsters

    Funky Hamsters

    Their spunky attitudes – and insatiable appetites – make them the definition of cheeky. Just take a peek inside those big mouths, and you’ll see that when they’re not busy dishing out lipservice, they’re stuffing themselves with ice cream, doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies… They’re quite literally full of surprises!

  • Da baby collection

    Da baby collection

    We also have da cutest products for little Hamstra fans

  • Blue Barry

    Blue Barry

    Me am cool 'n me like ice cream 'n me like all things blue