How To Train Your Dragon 3

About How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World

How To Train Your Dragon 3 will continue the story started in 2010, in a magical world where humans and dragons live together, and where a young boy named Hiccup taught his village how to work with their dragon friends, not against them.

  • Adventures


    March 1 2019 the adventures of Hiccup and his dragon Toothless will continue.

  • Game


    Have you always wondered how it feels to train your own dragon? Play the game and experience it yourself!

    School of Dragons
  • Hiccup


    Hiccup, now 20, is the tenacious, spirited son of the chieftan of Berk. He is no longer a runt, but still lanky by comparison. Hiccup is celebrated as the hometown hero for creating peace between Vikings and dragons.

  • Astrid Hofferson

    Astrid Hofferson

    Hiccups’ girlfriend has a strong sense of duty. Astrid will always do what must be done without regard for herself. So when trouble threatens the people and dragons she loves, she stops at nothing to defend them.

  • Dragon love

    Dragon love

    Will toothless find love in this movie...? Who knows...?

  • Big succes

    Big succes

    The original How To Train Your Dragon was a massive success, and that success continued with the sequel (How To Train Your Dragon 2), which raked in $100 million more than the original at the box office.