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Tatty Teddy is a bear like no other. With his grey fur and blue nose he steals hearts of many people.

  • Tatty Teddy

    Tatty Teddy

    The first draft of Tatty Teddy was created in 1987, back then Tatty was a brown bear. In 1995 he got his blue nose and grey fur. Over the years Tatty has evolved into one of the most evergreen UK brands ever to exist.

  • Tiny Tatty Teddy

    Tiny Tatty Teddy

    Since 2011 Tiny Tatty Teddy has joined the family. Tiny has been developed for the Infant targetgroup. With over 5M wholesale, Tiny has a huge licensing program on his own.

  • Sales Fact

    Sales Fact

    92% brand awareness in UK and rapidly growing in Benelux and France.

  • Funny Video

    Funny Video

    Me To You
  • Fun Fact

    Fun Fact

    Starting out in greeting cards and plush, Tatty is now present in all categories at all retailers. Over 20 years at Clintons and over 10 years at Marks & Spencer.

  • Sales Fact

    Sales Fact

    Very strong UK property over 15M in wholesale. #1 territory is UK.