About Nijntje/Miffy

Nijntje/Miffy is Dick Bruna’s best known and most popular character,
featuring in more than 30 books, far more than any other character he created.

Nijntje/Miffy appeals to children all over the world, instilling a sense of safety.
Many children are able to identify with nijntje/Miffy and her adventures.
She is uncomplicated and innocent, has a positive attitude and is always open to new experiences.

  • Sixtieth birthday

    Sixtieth birthday

    Nijntje/Miffy celebrated her sixtieth birthday in 2015. They celebrated it all year long! One of the biggest events was the Miffy Art Parade: a project that honored nijntje/Miffy, her creator, and fans of all ages worldwide.

  • Dick Bruna

    Dick Bruna

    Dick Bruna was born in Utrecht on 23 August 1927. He wrote and illustrated more than 124 picture books. Dick Bruna retired at 2011 and passed away on February 16 in 2017, at the age of 89.

  • Tv Series

    Tv Series

    Nijntje/Miffy appeared in her first TV show in 1992, called nijntje/Miffy. Each episode was traditionally animated and ran for approximately five minutes. Now there are 3D stop motion and computer generated imaginary series as well, which are broadcasted in more than 70 countries worldwide.

  • Nijntje museum

    Nijntje museum

    In Bruna’s hometown, Utrecht, there is a nijntje/Miffy museum. There is also a square named after nijntje, the so called 'Little nijntje Square'. On the square you can find a Miffy Statue.

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