Rusty Rivets

About Rusty Rivets

A young boy named Rusty Rivets uses his knowledge of engineering to repurpose machine parts and create gadgets. He lives in the city of Sparkton Hills along with his friend Ruby Ramirez, a robotic tyrannosaurid named Botasaur, and a group of smaller robots known as the Bits. The show highlights a variety of concepts related to basic science and technology.

Rusty uses the recurring catch phrase “modify, customize, Rustify” when personalizing inventions. Ruby changes the last word to “Rubify” when she does the alterations.

  • Rusty


    Rusty is an engineer. He has his own mobile laboratory, which is based in a recycling yard. He is the great great grandson of Ruston Rivets IV, which Ruby guesses hearing the number, indicating he is Ruston Rivets VIII.

  • Fun Fact

    Fun Fact

    Early in development, Rusty's badge had a gear design rather than a lightning bolt emblem.

  • Ruby


    Ruby is Rusty's best friend, who normally carries a tablet computer that she uses to call the Bits into action.

  • Equipment


    Rusty has his own Go-Kart, which he often upgrades. It is blue, gray, and orange. He uses this vehicle to get around and to transport his machines from place to place.

  • The Bits and Botasaur

    The Bits and Botasaur

    The Bits are are robots with each their own quality. Whirly can fly, Ray has a flashlight, Crush can crush small objects and Jack can lift and transport objects. Botasaur is the tallest member of Rusty's team, modeled after Tyrannosaurus rex. He is Rusty's sidekick.

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