Soy Luna

About Soy Luna

16-year-old Luna is not thrilled when her parents get an unbeatable job offer, and have to relocate from Cancún, Mexico to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Everything is about to change, because Luna, thanks to the rich employer of her parents, now goes to an elite school. However, not everything is good in Luna’s new life, she misses her home, her friends, and especially her best friend Simón.

But soon she discovers a trendy rollerskating club, where she can not only prove her talent on wheels, but also on the stage at Open Music. While she is there, she meets Matteo and gets to know him. Unfortunately, this sparks a rivalry between Luna and Ámbar, Matteo’s girlfriend. Soon, Simón arrives in Buenos Aires, and Luna’s new world is pretty shaken up.

And that’s not all: Luna was adopted when she was two years old, and was named after a moon amulet she wore around her neck. She adores her new parents, who have never kept her adoption a secret. However, Luna is suddenly overtaken by her past, and the tragic death of her biological parents after moving to Argentina.

  • Meet Luna Valente

    Meet Luna Valente

    Luna is simple, sweet, determined, kind, authentic, and unafraid. She has a good heart, but gets distracted sometimes. Her passion is skating, but she also enjoys singing and dancing. She values her family and her close friends. Luna tries to be nice, but can sometimes gets annoyed.

  • Meet Ambar Smith

    Meet Ambar Smith

    Ámbar is a person who has never had to work for money. She is superficial and capricious, but also very intelligent. Ámbar is the type of girl that catches everyone's attention and is very popular. She will do anything to get what she wants and has friends to support her and her bad deeds.

  • Meet Matteo Balsano

    Meet Matteo Balsano

    Although Matteo is very cocky at times, he is shown to be goodhearted and helps with other people's problems. He is also usually arrogant, but this is a mask to hide his nicer and romantic side, which he often shows when talking to Luna. He is one of Luna's two love interests.

  • Did you know?

    Did you know?

    - Soy Luna was originally about ice skaters instead of roller skaters, and Jam & Roller was a place called Ice Resto. - The filming of the first season wrapped up on February 29, 2016. - The cast filmed about 17 scenes a day, which took about ten hours.

  • Funny Trailer

    Funny Trailer

  • Facts


    - Soy Luna had one of the best TV premieres in history in Germany. - Soy Luna was first rumored to be Violetta's spin-off, however, Soy Luna is a different show with very little ties to Violetta. - So far, the only country to use a title different to the original Spanish one is Brazil, where the show is called ``Sou Luna`` (I'm Luna).