About Spirit Riding Free

Lucy is a free spirited city girl. In a small town in the Wild West in she meets a wild horse names Spirit. Lucy, her two best friends  and their horses explore the world to discover what it truly means to be free.

  • Spirit Riding Free is inspired by the Oscar-nominated film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. In 2002, the animated film shared the journey of Spirit as he is captured by humans and slowly loses the will to resist training.

  • Abigail


    Abigail is optimistic, energetic and upbeat. She’s a bit of a girly-girl and can talk a mile a minute, especially if you get her to talk about things she loves like her horse Boomerang, who’s a bit of a goofball.

  • Spirit


    Spirit is a noble, smart and powerful stallion, keeping his herd of wild mustangs safe and free in the untamed landscape they call home. He is gentle with Lucky and her friends and stubborn around everyone else.

  • Lucky


    She is born 12-year-old leader and not afraid of anything. With her courage and confidence, she pushes her friends to new heights. Over the course of the serie her bond with Spirit gets stronger and stronger.

  • Fun game

    Fun game

    Experience adventures in the Wild West just like Lucky!

  • Prudence


    Better known as Pru- a true horsewoman and knows almost everything there is to know about horses and the county she grew up in. If Lucky is the heart of the trio, Pru is the brains. Pru has a special band with her horse Chica Linda.