About the Original Stormtroopers

Six years after the first film, Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz have been best friends since their previous misadventures, hanging out every night after work in Litwak’s Family Fun Center and Arcade. While Ralph is content with his current life, Vanellope admits to being bored with her game’s predictability and wishes for something new. One day, Ralph attempts to fulfill her desires by creating a secret bonus track during a race. Vanellope overrides player control to test it out, but the resulting conflict between her and the player results in the cabinet’s steering wheel being broken. Since the company that made Sugar Rush is defunct, one of the kids finds a replacement for Mr. Litwak on eBay. However, Litwak deems it too expensive and has no choice but to unplug Sugar Rush, leaving the game’s characters homeless.

  • Thomas O

    Thomas O'Malley & Duchess

    Thomas O'Malley, a feral cat who befriends Duchess and her kittens, becoming a father figure to the kittens and falling in love with Duchess. Duchess, Madame Adelaide's cat and mother of three kittens.

  • Toulouse, Marie & Berlioz

    Toulouse, Marie & Berlioz

    Toulouse, the oldest kitten, who idolises all alley-cats and especially Thomas. Marie, middle kitten, often imperious or snobbish to her brothers, but her mother's especial companion. Berlioz, the youngest kitten. He is somewhat timid and shy.

  • Walt Disney

    Walt Disney

    It was the first Disney film to be produced after Walt Disney's death. Walt Disney did approve the film, but unfortunately he died in 1966, before it was released (in 1970). As such, it’s the last movie to end with the line, 'A Walt Disney Production'.

  • Madame Adelaide Bonfamille

    Madame Adelaide Bonfamille

    A former opera singer and owner of Duchess and her kittens.

  • Scales & Arpeggios

    Scales & Arpeggios

    Music Video
  • Everybody wants to be a cat

    Everybody wants to be a cat

    Music video