Subway Surfers

About Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an endless runner mobile game that was released on 24 May, 2012. In the game, players take the role of a young graffiti artist named Jake who, upon being caught in the act of applying graffiti to a metro railway site, run through the railroad tracks to escape from the inspector and his dog. As he runs, he grabs gold coins, power-ups and other items along the way. He can also jump on top of the trains and surf with hoverboards to evade the capture until the character crashes on an obstacle, getting caught by the inspector or getting hit by a train. Special events, such as the Weekly Hunt, can result in in-game rewards and characters.

  • Jake


    Jake is the leader and spirit of the Subway Surfers. Confident and charming, restless and reckless. Jake's mind is always wandering, dreaming of the next cool thing to do… except when he's immersed in his love for street art, or inventing a risky new skate trick.

  • Most downloaded

    Most downloaded

    Subway Surfers is the most downloaded game of 2017 worldwide and the first game to reach one billion downloads on Google Play!

  • Tricky


    Tricky is a good friend, but not a good follower. Her analytical mind makes her the brainie of the Surfers, a real source of pride. Strives for perfection in everything she does, especially when it comes to break dancing and her precision skate tricks.

  • Fresh


    Fresh is a music savant and connoisseur of all things 80s. Fresh is highly intelligent and perceptive, but speaks mostly through his boombox music. He's a deep thinker but prone to cynicism – his songs tell it like it really is. Fresh is the glue that holds the Surfers together.

  • World Tour

    World Tour

    Since January 2013, updates have been based on a ``World Tour`` theme, which updates the setting of the game every three (or four, usually for seasonal holidays) weeks.

  • Yutani


    Yutani is a tech genius and the gang's Q. Science is her obsession. Wildly imaginative and loves trying to create contraptions that have never been done. Personally, she believes she may not be of this earth - a theory her friends amusingly find completely plausible.