About Teletubbies

The Teletubbies show takes place in a grassy, floral landscape populated by rabbits. These loveable characters eat, sleep and play in the iconic Home Dome, with the Noo-noo, the Tubby Custard Machine and eight Tiddlytubbies!

The show’s bright and safe world captures young children’s imaginations and encourages them to explore and learn about the world around them through laughter, real childern and the power of technology.

  • Meet Tinky Winky & Dipsy

    Meet Tinky Winky & Dipsy

    Tinky Winky is the the largest of the group. Tinky Winky is the largest Teletubby and purple with a triangular antennae. His favourite thing is his red bag, which he carries over his elbow.

  • Meet Laa-Laa & Po

    Meet Laa-Laa & Po

    Laa-Laa is yellow and has a curly antennae. She loves to sing and dance and her favourite thing is her orange bal. Po is red and the smallest of all the Teletubbies. She is red and has an antenna shaped like a stick used for blowing soap bubbles. Po normally speaks in a soft voice.

  • The Teletubbies Merchandising

    The Teletubbies Merchandising

    Overseas Teletubbies merchandise sales throughout the 1990s delivered €136 million in profits for the BBC. In 2005, Chris Hastings and Ben Jones of The Daily Telegraph called Teletubbies ``the most lucrative show in BBC television history!

  • fun fact

    fun fact

    The new Teletubbies series launched in 2015. Kids of today can enjoy the bright, fun and lovable characters and the engaging stories, just like parents did 20 years ago.

  • New Episodes

    New Episodes

    Click the link to watch the first trailer of the Teletubbies series

    Teletubbies trailer
  • Did you know?

    Did you know?

    New in the Home Dome are the Tiddlytubbies! The eight smaller and younger Teletubbies have their own playroom where they play after the voice trumpets announces ``Time for Tiddlytubbies''

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