Yo-Kai Watch

About Yo-Kai Watch

Nate becomes the only one to see and communicate with the Yo-Kai when he finds the magical Yo-Kai Watch.

Yo-Kai are monster-like creatures that cause the little problems we all experience, such as laziness, hunger and sadness.
Nate’s mission is to make a personal connection with the Yo-Kai, turning them into his own awesome super buddies.

Joined by the cat Yo-Kai Jibanyan, Yo-Kai Whisper, Nate befriends all sorts of Yo-Kai.

  • The Beginning of Yo-Kai Watch

    The Beginning of Yo-Kai Watch

    Yo-kai Watch started as a series of role-playing video games and a mixed-media franchise, created and developed by Level-5. The original game was released for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan in July 2013 and was released in North America by Nintendo in November 2015.

  • The Video Game

    The Video Game

    Their first video game released in Japan and became a major success. It debuted with 53,000 sold copies in its first week and sold in total 1.29 million in 2014, which became one of the best selling games on the Nintendo 3DS.

  • Hasbro and Nintendo

    Hasbro and Nintendo

    Partners Hasbro and Nintendo are putting their full power behind Yo-Kai Watch in Europe and USA. Creating high collectability through the games and the hundreds of Ya-Kai medals kids can collect.

  • Main Characters

    Main Characters

    Nathan ``Nate`` Adams, Katie Forester, Jibanyan, Blazion, Whisper, Robonyan, Komasan & Kyubi

  • Funny Trailer

    Funny Trailer

  • Did you know?

    Did you know?

    - Some male Yo-Kai such as Jibanyan, Cadin, Komasan and Komajiro are voiced by females. - Disney XD loves showing marathons of the show every week, and they will play promos for the show on every show that's not Yo-Kai Watch.