Living the magic

What we do

With over 50 ambitious and clever people in our company, we’re working hard to live and sell the magic. Merchandising the magic that touches the imagination. In our world of limitless possibilities, awesome brands and famous characters, we stimulate outrageous, impulsive and fun ideas. Guarding the balance between high quality and commercial success. Making sure the magic never breaks. The Cookie Company. Merchandising the magic.

Once upon a time

The Cookie Company started way back in 1996. We are producing licensed apparel and accessories for large international retailers. Amongst our clients you will find the market leaders in food, textile, and shoes but also drugstores etc. We offer our customers (and their customers!) a variety of magical products with one of our 40-something cool brands. Tailor-made from head to toe.


Cookie DNA

Translating the magic of a brand or character into a product isn’t easy. In fact, we believe it’s the hardest part of our job. To merchandise the magic, you have to live it. Feel its emotion. Its meaning, potential, attraction and context. Fully. And we do! Imagine a magic playground of limitless possibilities, full of outrageous, impulsive and fun ideas and ditto people. Times two. Maybe three. Than add honesty, professionalism and a good splash of sustainability. Now, that’s us.

Why we do it and how

Give a little girl a Cinderella dress and see what happens. The magic of the character enters the heart and play of the child through nothing more than that dress. That’s the magic of magic. And that’s what drives us, when we are creating our products.

Now, merchandising the magic isn’t easy. Not even for us. That’s why we defined our core values to keep us sharp. And constantly stimulate improvements.

It’s our promise to you:

Customer in focus

All our actions are aligned to exceed the expectations of the customer. We want to deliver exactly THAT what enables the customer to be successfull.

Nothing is impossible

Problem solving without boundaries. Off the beaten path, if necessary, to reach the customers satisfaction.

Keeping promises

Practice what you preach. What you see is what you get. We have no hidden agenda.

Think dynamically

Being one step ahead. Always aware of the next move, the next success, the next solution, the next…stopping is the same as going back.

Act passionately

There is no such thing as ‘average’! Everything we do is done with passion. THAT is what makes the difference! The smile on your and the customers face.

Be cost conscious

Making a great product for a reasonable price for as many people as possible’ can only be fulfilled by having a constant awareness and focus on cost structures in product and process.

Working the magic

At The Cookie Company we have great people working in sales, styling, finance, marketing, quality & control, buying, licencing and HRM. Tough cookies, as cheerful as Minnie Mouse, as fast as Lighting mcQueen, solving problems faster than Batman, with the fashion sense of Shimmer and Shine and just as energetic and tenacious as 50 Minions and Paw Patrol combined.

Join the club

Check our job-section for current openings or convince us to hire you anyway with your unsolicited yet dazzling application. The Cookie Company is moving fast, so fast that we might be able to take you on before we realise it ourselves. Mail to and see what happens.

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