We are Trashcode®

…the new sustainable standard in the fast fashion and entertainment industry on textile fabrics and yarns. We joined forces with Waste@wear®, the innovative frontrunner leading in development and production of recycled polyester (R-PET). From bottle-collecting to final product: everything transparent and fully under control. And we guarantee that too. How? Pretty simple, by controlling the whole chain. Just come and take a look, we have nothing to hide. We can guarantee you that your product is truly made out of recycled bottles, as we are using no less than a 100% R-PET, no compromises.


*Fast fashion has doubled over the past 10 years and 50% of that is only worn once
*With the growing population of children, demand for stuffed & plush toys will continue to increase in the global market.
*Our planet and raw materials/fibre production cannot follow that pace
*We are in the fashion and entertainment business and we make products for children. What kind of planet will we pass on to them?
*Current worldwide demand for textile fibers is over 100 million tons per year and synthetic fabrics account for more than 50% of this consumption. Replacing synthetic fibres with R-PET has a far bigger positive environmental impact than doing this with (sustainable) cotton.

Even your best buyers will buy rubbish…but thanks to our 100% transparency policy they knew that in advance! We can guarantee that your product is truly made out of recycled bottles as we are using no less than 100% R-PET, no compromises. How can we guarantee this? Pretty simple, we have nothing to hide. From bottle collection to finished product: everything is transparent. You can come take a look and perhaps pick-up some trash with us while you’re at it.

Do not bottle up your excitement!