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TRASHCODE® introduces groundbreaking sustainable product range for the licensing industry

Licensed apparel and accessories can now be made from 100% recycled plastic bottles

October 1, 2018 – The Cookie Company Group and Waste2Wear® have joined forces to create green clothing for the licensing industry. Introducing the brand TRASHCODE®, the partnership enables retailers to offer consumer products such as apparel and accessories made from recycled plastic bottles.

“Consumers increasingly expect, or even demand, that their products are produced in a sustainable way. The Cookie Company Group is supporting the licensing industry to take up this challenge”, says Sabine Hulsman, CEO of the Cookie Company Group, a group of Dutch companies dedicated to manufacturing licensed apparel and accessories for European retailers.

Recycled polyester made from plastic bottles

Introducing the brand TRASHCODE®, the Cookie Company Group offers a product range using high quality recycled polyester qualities (R-PET) of the international textile brand Waste2Wear®, specialized in transforming post-consumer plastic bottles into a wide variety of textiles.

Sustainable fabrics

TRASHCODE® is the first R-PET initiative in the licensing industry, enabling brands and retailers to offer innovative sustainable products to their customers. TRASHCODE® products can be made from 100% R-PET or in combination with other sustainable materials such as certified organic cotton. TRASHCODE® fabrics are suitable for a wide range of products: from swimwear and accessories, to t-shirts and nightwear. Hulsman: “On average, a children’s shirt made with R-PET has given a second life to five to eight discarded plastic bottles.” A jacket made out of R-PET fabrics can save up to forty plastic bottles.

Keeping plastic out of landfills and oceans

R-PET fabrics have a significantly smaller environmental footprint than traditional fabrics such as nylon, non-recycled polyester and cotton. Compared to traditional non-recycled polyester, R-PET production requires 86% less water, 70% less energy, and has a 75% lower carbon footprint. Moreover, the dyeing process of R-PET consumes fewer fixatives and other chemicals than cotton.

“R-PET also keeps plastic out of landfills and oceans: one kilo of R-PET fabric gives a new life to sixty plastic bottles”, says Monique Maissan, the Dutch entrepreneur who founded Waste2Wear® in Shanghai in 2008. Through its Ocean Plastic Project, Waste2Wear® also supports local communities in cleaning up ocean waste. “Our partnership with the Cookie Company Group will allow the licensing industry to become part of the solution of the global transition towards sustainable textiles.”

Sabine Hulsman, CEO of the Cookie Company Group (left) and Monique Maissan, founder of Waste2Wear® (right)

Sustainability to the next level

Supported by Amfori (formerly known as BSCI) and Waste2Wear’s patented Recycle Assurance 3-step (RA-3) system, Waste2Wear® and TRASHCODE® ensure transparent and compliant production processes. TRASHCODE® products are controlled throughout the entire supply chain, guaranteeing environmentally and socially responsible business practices from plastic bottle to consumer product.

About the Cookie Company Group

The Cookie Company Group develops and produces head to toe and all ages, licensed apparel and accessories for European retailers. From its headquarters in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, the Cookie Company Group is dedicated to creating merchandise for entertainment, lifestyle and fashion brands. The company was founded in 1996 and works for retail market leaders in food, textile, and shoes. In 2018, the Cookie Company Group introduced TRASHCODE® as part of its mission to make the licensing industry a greener place.

About Waste2Wear

The international textile brand Waste2Wear® has been producing fabrics and textile products from recycled plastic bottles since 2008. As a frontrunner in sustainable textiles, Waste2Wear focuses on innovation to challenge the industry and bring positive environmental impact and social change through circular economy solutions.

The BRAND Waste2Wear® is part of Vision Textiles, a Dutch company established in China since 1998 with the objective of producing high-quality garments in a responsible way.


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